90kHz and the Dancing Bear go to Iceland

In October 2015 90kHz and the Dancing Bear take the team to Iceland. A one month artists residency will produce permanent public artwork, on location – linking two communities at opposite ends of the world.

It’s an environmental message.

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The turducken form speaks to a decadence that is past it’s prime. There are no Polar Bears in Iceland. Polar Bears swim to Iceland.


Through a career long study of animals, totems and the interaction between the human and the natural world, DSDB uses sculpture to talk about our collective habitat. This is at once a contemporary and ancient theme. Pre-historic man struggled and carved out a niche for himself in the world of mega fauna and flora, settlers in Australia and Iceland faced their new environment with a pioneering bravado, 20th century industrialisation saw the stripping of the earth and the 21st century will see the the collapse of the eco-system.

The Christmas Turducken is all about excess

And Western society moves away from strong anthropocentrism (cowboy or fronteir ethics)

(reference : Piergiacomo Pagano; Elements of Environmental Philosophy‐ 2015)

We discuss what the value of nature is to nature itself.

We subvert the order of the Turducken idea of the eco system.

The herring’s value to the bear is clear… (but if you look carefully, the bear is choaking, the herring is too big. The scale is wrong. How can a bear eat a herring in reality? It’s too small. But to the humans, the herring is a bigger thing than the bear. A bigger figure in the economic history.


Fisheries is a major economic and territory issue.

Herring Wars: Quotas, Conflicts, and Climate Change in the North Atlantic

Herring Wars: Quotas, Conflicts, and Climate Change in the North Atlantic

Like wise, the puffin’s value to itself – it just wants to live its puffin life by it’s own standards. What then is the puffin’s value to the herring? What has happened since the humans have taken all the herring (1960’s saw the end of the herring industry in Hrisey)

We’re going to Hrisey for an artists residency. To research, discover and delve deeper into these issues. And to make a sculpture – hard work is international.


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